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Home Barista Workshops are designed for people who are passionated about coffee and would like to make it at home like a pro.


This Course will give you essential skills and knowledge to understand coffee, how to read bag of beans, how to brew it consistently to enjoy it every single time.


Workshops will cover:

-Basic knowledge about coffee history and its origins

-Coffee varieties and processes

-Different brewing styles

-Practice on two different brewing methods: V60 and Aeropress

-Bring home your favourite brewer and get printed certificate of completing this course!


It is delivered by professionals with massive experience, including National Brewing Championships Judge and Irish Aeropress Champion.


At the end of the course you can bring home V60 or Aeropress, depends on which one you liked most during the workshops.


Course takes about 3 hours from 5:30pm till 8:30pm in flower&bean

Home Barista Workshops

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