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Let's bloom.

Best D8 specialty cafe and artisan bakery. 113 Cork Street.

Flower & Bean came from passion, commitment and hard work.

Coffee isn't just beverage. It's a journey. 

From coffee origin countries, through processing plants, over the ocean, green bean importers to roasteries and straight to your cup. Coffee spent long time and went through hands of many people connected with only one thing. Passion to highest quality. For us, standing at the end of this chain of connections, representing all these people is a great responsibility. Responsibility we gladly take. We solemnly promise we would never serve coffee we wouldn't like. 

Baking is an art. Baking is also science. We take traditional recipes and we twist them to a next level, with all our knowledge, experience and lunacy. We use flowers not only for decoration but also for flavour. We worship unobvious combinations and we are bold enough to serve them. 

We believe quality is more important than profit maximisation. We don't cut corners. 

We bloom.


Our Team

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Brewing & Beans

Trainer, Roaster, Barista, Professional Coffee Nerd. He is responsible for coffee quality and operations.

Marta Website.jpg


Baking & Flowers

Marta is a true Baking Goddess. Creator of famous Cake Box. She bakes all our cakes and sweets.

Our Team
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We love to share our knowledge and experience.
Want to know how to make coffee at home? How to bake? Or maybe how to take fabulous pictures of your food to amaze your followers on instagram? We got you covered.

For  all professional courses bookings and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form and one of us will contact you back in no time.



Whole day Basic Barista Training at customer's place. 

This includes:

  • Understanding Coffee from bean to cup

  • Espresso Pouring Technique

  • Basic grinder knowledge

  • Understanding milk steaming and basic Latte Art

  • Machine maintenance


Half day Latte Art Training at customer's place.

This includes:

  • Understanding chemistry behind the milk steaming

  • Finding technique problems in Latte Art and fixing it

  • Getting more confident, faster and efficient 


Whole day Advanced Barista Program at Customer's place.

This includes:

  • Understanding grinder

  • Fast grinder set up

  • Machine set up

  • Espresso recipe set up

  • Machine trouble shooting


Evening Home Brewing course.

This includes:

  • Understanding Coffee from bean to cup

  • Understanding extraction and coffee gear

  • Brewing V60, Chemex and Aeropress

  • Understanding differences between brewing methods


Got questions?

Drop us a line or pop in to say hello!

113 Cork St, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8, D08 YY40

(01) 558 9542

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday         7:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday - Sunday      9:00am - 4:30pm

Bank Holidays            9:00am - 4:30pm

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